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This is an agreement between you and Ravison Network Solutions LLPa company incorporated under the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008  with its registered office: Ravison Network Solutions LLP, 1,Floor-0, Plot-186, Tokersay Jivraj Road, Swan Mill, Ganapati Baug, Sewree, Mumbai 400015 that governs your use of the search services offered by Ravison Network Solution through its website www.distributionnetwork.in.  When you access or use this platform, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.

We may periodically change the Terms and the site without notice, and you are responsible for checking these Terms periodically for revisions. All amended Terms become effective upon our posting to the site and any use of this site after such revision has been posted signifies your consent to the changes.   

By registering on DistributionNetwork.in services (“Services”), you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions. If you are entering into this agreement on behalf of a Company or any other legal entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity and its affiliates to these terms and conditions, in which case the terms "you" or "your" or “customer” or “users” either in capital or small letters shall refer to such entity and its affiliates. If you do not have such authority, or if you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you must not accept this agreement and may not use the Services.

You must read, agree with and accept all the terms and conditions contained in this terms and conditions before you become a User(s).

The Services offered by RAVISION NETWORK SOLUTIONS LLP . (“Service Provider”) under the Terms and Conditions include facilitating the agents, sales personnel, super stockist, dealers, distributors, manufacturer, buyers and suppliers to connect with each other and expand their business-related network. The information provided by the agents, sales personnel, super stockist, dealers, distributors, manufacturer, buyers and suppliers shall/will be shared with each other & other users.

While every attempt has been made to ascertain the authenticity of the platform content, hence the company and its partners are not liable for any kind of damages, losses, or actions arising directly or indirectly due to access and use of the content in the platform including but not limited to decisions based on the content in the platform which result in any loss of data, revenue, profit, property by virtues etc.  Further, the company and its partners are not liable if they if the parties involved are not contacted due to mismatch in their requirements.

Accordingly, you are prohibited from any data mining, scraping, crawling, or using any process or processes that send automated queries, you may not use the platform any of them compiling, collection of data, listing, competing, listing product or services , you may not use the platform for any material unsolicited commercial emails, you may not grant any licences, copy right, patent. All such rights are retained by the Ravison Network Solutions LLP.


The DistributionNetwork.in platform, will act for Agents, Distributors, Manufacturers & Billing Purposes.  Network will also support placement of manpower at different levels among the Manufacturer, Super Stockist and Distributors.


THE terms of services are legally binding agreement between Agent and Principal,

This Agreement ("Agreement") is made and effective on the registration date and further acceptance of T & C. between the Agent and the principal, Ms. Ravison Network Solutions LLP.

WHEREAS the Principal wishes to market the product(s) ;

WHEREAS Agent is prepared to sell the Product(s) on behalf of the Principal in return for a commission; It is agreed as follows:


a. The Principal grants the Agent an intensive right to sell the Product(s) on behalf of the Principal within the country for the validity period commencing from the date of registration, (the "Selling Rights").

b. The Agent may not sell or attempt to sell the Product(s) outside India

c. The Agent shall use his best efforts to sell the Product(s) for the duration of the Selling Rights. At the request from time to time of the Principal, the Agent shall furnish the Principal with a reasonably detailed, written report on his efforts to sell the Product(s) in the period specified by the Principal.

d. The Agent shall clearly identify himself as a duly authorized sales agent of the Principal in the course of his efforts to sell the Product(s) on behalf of the Principal and may not sell the Product(s) in his own name.


a. The Principal shall fix the selling price(s) of the Product(s) and the Agent may only sell the Product(s) at the selling price(s) fixed by the Principal.


a. The Principal shall pay the Agent a commission of 25% of the selling price, exclusive of any sales taxes, of each order or part of each order of Product(s) duly remitted by the Agent in accordance with this agreement which is paid for in full, inclusive of any sales taxes, and which is not subsequently returned for a refund.

b. The Principal may accept the return of Product(s) for a refund or partial refund in its sole discretion.

c. The Agent is not entitled to any compensation for services performed or expenses incurred in connection with this agreement other than as set out in this agreement.


At the request of the Agent, the Principal may train the Agent in the proper use of the Product(s).


For the duration of the Selling Rights, the Principal shall furnish the Agent, at the Principal's cost, with reasonable quantities of advertising and user information materials, including demonstration Product(s), to aid the Agent in selling the Product(s).


The Agent shall not do or permit anything to be done to prejudice the market image of the Product(s) or the Principal.


The Agent shall not sell, or in any way assist anyone else to sell, any products that compete with the Product(s) of the Principal within India for the duration of the Selling Rights and for the calendar year immediately following termination of the Selling Rights.


The Agent shall keep the Principal's business secrets, including but not limited to customer, supplier, logistical, financial, research and development information, confidential and shall not disclose them to any third party during and after termination of the Selling Rights.


If the Agent breaks any term of this agreement, the Principal may summarily terminate the Selling Rights on notice in writing to the Agent.


On termination of the Selling Rights for any reason, the Agent shall immediately cease to describe himself as an authorized sales agent of the Principal and cease selling the Product(s).


The Agent shall not assign the benefit of this agreement or subcontract his obligations under this agreement without the consent in writing of the Principal, which consent may be withheld without good reason.


The Agent accepts and acknowledges that the terms of this agreement are in addition to and do not detract from the ordinary fiduciary duties owed by the Agent to the Principal.


a. In this agreement, the singular includes the plural and the masculine includes the feminine and neuter and vice versa unless the context otherwise requires.

b. The capitalized headings in this agreement are only for convenience of reference and do not form part of or affect the interpretation of this agreement.

c. If any provision or part of any provision in this agreement is void for any reason, it shall be severed without affecting the validity of the balance of the agreement.

d. Time is of the essence of this agreement.

e. There are no representations, warranties, conditions, terms or collateral contracts affecting the transaction contemplated in this agreement except as set out in this agreement.

f. Nothing in this agreement is intended to constitute a partnership or a master and servant relationship between the parties.

g. This agreement binds and benefits the parties and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors and assigns.

h. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State/Province of Mumbai, Maharashtra.


In this document the following words shall have the following meanings:

1. "User(s)" means any individual(s), supplier(s) or contractor(s) or buyer(s) who have accepted this terms & conditions by registering to access & use DistributionNetwork.in website / portal.

2. "Agreement" means these Terms and Conditions mentioned below;

3. "Customer" means any registered “buyers & seller” or “User” of the DistributionNetwork.in;

4. "Intellectual Property Rights" means all patents, registered and unregistered designs, copyright, trademarks, know-how and all other forms of intellectual property wherever in the world enforceable;

5. "Service Provider" means Services Offered by RAVISION NETWORK SOLUTIONS LLP having its registered Office At Ravison Network Solutions LLP, 1,Floor-0, Plot-186, Tokersay Jivraj Road, Swan Mill, Ganapati Baug, Sewree, Mumbai 400015, India, for use of DistributionNetwork.in

6. "PRINCIPAL" means relationship the principal is the person who gives authority to another, called an agent, to act on his or her behalf, the person hiring and directing employees (agents) to perform its business. It is particularly important to determine:

a) A principal has rights which he can enforce, and is liable to obligations which he must perform.. These will be briefly considered; the rights to which principals are entitled arise from obligations due to them by their agents or third parties or persons.

b) The right against their agents are a) to call them to an account at all times, in relation to the business of their agency, b) when agent violates his obligation to his principal, by exceeding his authority, misconduct, or by mere negligence or omissions in the discharge of the functions of his agency, or in any other manner, any loss or damage falls on his principal, the latter will be entitled to full indemnity.

c) The principal’s rights against third persons, when contract is made by the agents with a third person in the name of this principal, the latter may enforce it by action. when an exclusive credit is given to and by the agent, and therefore the principal cannot be considered in any manner a party to contract, he may have authorised it, and be entitled to all the benefits arising from it., and therefore the real principal cannot be sue or be sued on the contract. This is well observed in the general rule of commercial law.        

d) The general, rule, that a principal cannot be charged with injuries committed by his agents without his assent, admits of one exception for reasons of policy,

e) Third persons or parties are also laible to the principal for any tort or injury done to his property or rights in the course of the action.

7. "Agent" means one who agrees and is authorized to act on behalf of another, a principal, to legally bind an individual in particular business transactions with third parties pursuant to an agency relationship, it is said to be general or special with reference to its, object, i.e. according as it is confined to a single act or is extended to all acts connected with a particular employment.

a) The agent owes to his principal the unremitted exertions of his skill and ability, and that all his transactions in that character, shall be distinguished by punctuality honor and integrity.

b) With reference to the manner of its execution, it is either limited or unlimited; i.e the agent is bound by precise instructions or left to pursue his own discretion. It is the duty of an agent , to perform what he has undertaken in relation to his agency, to use all necessary care, to render an account.

c) Agent are either joint or several binding it is general rule of the common law, that when an authority is given to two or more persons to do an act, and there is no several authority given, all the agents must concur in doing it, in order to bind the principal.

d) The rights to which agents are entitled arise from obligations due to them by their principals, or by third persons.

e) Their rights to the agents are to receive a just compensation for their services in form of commission, when faithfully perform, execution of a lawful agency, as per the agreement between the parties repels such a claim; this compensation, usually called commission, is regulated by agreement, presumed intention of the parties.

f) Agents are liable to their acts, to their principals; and to third parties.

g) The liabilities of agents to their principals arise from a violation of their duties and obligations to the principal, by exceeding their authority, by misconduct, or by any negligence omission, or act by which the principal sustains a loss agent may become liable for damages and loss under a special contract, contrary to the general usages of trade. They may also become responsible when charging commission.

h) Agents become liable to third persons on their contract when the agent, under takes to do an act for another, and does not possess a sufficient authority from the principal, and that is unknown to the other party, he will be considered as having acted for himself.

8. "Distributor's" means an individual person, a group or its representative or legal entity that sell goods locally on behalf of a principal (Manufacturer or Supplier or Contractor). Distributors can be distinguished from agents as distributors buy the goods in their own name, then re-sell them at prices which they  have some liberty to set. Distributorship is frequently based on contract that grants the distributor exclusivity for a specific territory. Some of the main clauses of this type of contracts are; product and territory, exclusivity, non-competition, prices, delivery and payment conditions, promotional activities, services etc.

a) A person or thing that distributes.

b) A person, firm, etc., engaged in the general distribution or marketing of some article or class of goods.

c) A wholesaler who has exclusive rights to market, within a given territory, the goods of a manufacturer or company.

9. "Manufacturer" means Entity that makes a good through a process involving raw materials components, or assemblies, usually on a large scale with different operations divided among different workers. Commonly used interchangeably with producer.

A chain of intermediaries through which a product moves in order to be made available for purchase by a consumer. An indirect channel of distribution typically involves a product passing through additional steps as it moves from the manufacturing business via distributors to wholesalers and then retail stores.

In the case supplier/manufacturer sells his product to the distributor, who in turn sells the product on to his customers, the distributors assumes the liability, i.e. legal responsibility for one's acts or omissions. Failure of the distributor's business entity to meet that responsibility leaves him open to a lawsuit for any resulting damages or loss, which may occur to the other party. As the distributor has taken ownership of the products, he is incurring a greater degree of risk than an agent in the course of his business. The distributors has no authority to create a contract between the supplier and customer. The customer's contract is, in this case, with the distributor.

For the purpose of convenience the reference to you/yours/ customer/ users made in this agreement refers to any user (all registered buyers & seller) unless specifically mentioned for buyers or sellers.

The reference to our/we/us/DistributionNetwork.in are made in this agreement refers to RAVISION NETWORK SOLUTIONS LLP.

1. DistributionNetwork.in SCOPE: RAVISION NETWORK SOLUTIONS LLP is an online portal where AGENTS, SUPER STOCKIST, DISTRIBUTOR, MANUFACTURER will connect with each other to expand their business network. To achieve this  purpose the information submitted by these agencies about their organization will be shared with other users. 

For example, if You/User(s) provide a "Business Contact," that person's name, phone and email address will most likely be visible to other companies using DistributionNetwork.in without directly displaying name of your/User(s) company as the business associate of such business contact.

ELIGBILITY: The services provided are strictly for expanding the business network of the registered users & selling or illicit sharing of information gathered by the User(s) from DistributionNetwork.in is strictly prohibited under this Agreement. Any use of DistributionNetwork.in by User(s) not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement will be treated as violation of this Agreement.

Service Provider reserves sole right and discretion to deny or discontinue any registration.

Service Provider reserves right to update and change the Terms and Conditions from time to time for any update or changes that shall be binding to you. 

DistributionNetwork.in may also allow users to provide ratings on their experience with other user and the same shall be aggregated and displayed to other users without disclosing the name of the entity/ person providing the rating. 

DistributionNetwork.in site administrator will have the sole discretion of removing  rating if there is any manipulation or mala fide intent perceived by the site administrator of DistributionNetwork.in. 

DistributionNetwork.in site may also display name & logo of your organization (buyers & sellers) as registered users of the site.


In providing the Services, the DISTRIBUTION NETWORK.IN is acting as an Intermediary between the Merchant and Customers/Users. The contract for the sale of goods or services will be between the Customers/Users and the Merchant. The Merchant shall be solely responsible for all customer service issues relating to its supply of goods or services (including pricing, rebates, item information, availability, technical support, functionality, warranties, guarantees, order fulfillment, shipping, handling, order cancellation, returns, refund, adjustments, feedback and product or service complaints). In performing customer service, the Merchant shall present itself to its customers. It is the responsibility of the Merchant and not the SITE to resolve any dispute or claim raised by Customers/Users relating to the purchase or sale of goods or services from the Merchant.



i. The Service Provider shall use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Services of DistributionNetwork.in available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for:

a. Planned downtime (of which we shall give at least 24 hours notice via any communication media and which we shall schedule to the extent practicable during the weekend hours.

b. Any unavailability caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of God, acts of  government, flood, fire, earthquakes, civil unrest, acts of terror, strikes  or Internet service provider failures or delays.

 ii. The Service Provider shall provide the Services of DistributionNetwork.in only in accordance with applicable laws and government regulations.

iii. DATA PROTECTION: Without limiting the above, the Service Provider shall maintain appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards for protection of the security, confidentiality and integrity of Your Data. The Service Provider shall not modify User(s)/Your Data and or Access User(s)/Your Data except to provide the Services as stated in the Agreement or to address technical problems, or at your request in connection with customer support matters.                  

iv. The User(s) shall be solely responsible for the accuracy, quality, integrity and legality of Data provided or shared on the DistributionNetwork.in and of the means by which data was acquired. 

v. The User shall use commercially reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized access to or use of the Services, and notify us/Service Provider promptly of any such unauthorized access or use.

vi. The User(s) shall use the Services only in accordance with Applicable laws and government regulations.

vii. The User(s) shall not make the Services available to anyone other than authorised User(s) of your company / organization /any legal entity registered on DistributionNetwork.in.

viii. The User shall not sell, resell, rent or lease the Services.

ix. The User shall not use the Services to store or transmit infringing, libelous, or otherwise unlawful material, or to store or transmit material in violation of third-party privacy rights.

x. The User shall not use the Services to store or transmit Malicious Code. 

xi. The User shall not interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of the Services or third party data contained therein. 

xii. The User shall not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Services or their related systems or networks

xiii. The User shall not access the Services if User is/are our direct competitor, except with our prior written consent. In addition, User/you will not access the Services for purposes of monitoring their availability, performance or functionality, or for any other benchmarking or competitive purposes.

xiv. It will be User’s/your responsibility in case, if any, of your suppliers or buyers as the case may be raise any claim in respect of any of the functionalities of the platform, your commitment & accuracy of their data or anything else. Under no circumstances, Service Provider/we will be held responsible for any claim in any regards made by your suppliers or buyers using our platform.

Ravison Network Solutions LLP, DistributionNetwork.in reserve the rights not to upload or distributes or otherwise publish through this sites any communication which is,

i. Is obscene, indecent, pornographic, profane, sexually explicit, threatening, or abusive;

ii.Constitutes or contains false or misleading indications of origin or statements of fact;

iii.Slanders, libels, defames, disparages, or otherwise violates the legal rights of any third party;

iv.Causes injury of any kind to any person or entity;

v.Infringes or violates the intellectual property rights (including copyright, patent and trademark rights), contract rights, trade secrets, privacy or publicity rights or any other rights of any third party;

vi.Violates any applicable laws, rules, or regulations;

vii.Contains software viruses or any other malicious code designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment;

vii. Impersonates another person or entity, or that collects or uses any information about Site visitors.obscene, indecent, threatening, profane, or abusive

It is also clarified that, if there are any issues or claims due to your posts by way of Reviews, Ratings and Comments, then Ravison Network Solution LLP reserves right to take appropriate legal action against you. Further, you shall indemnify and protect DistributionNetwork.in against such claims or damages or any issues, due to your posting of such Reviews, Ratings and Comments. DistributionNetwork.in takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any content posted by you or any third party on site or on any this mediums.



(A) Reservation of Rights:

i. Subject to the limited rights expressly granted hereunder, we reserve all rights, title and interest in and to the Services, including all related intellectual property rights. No rights are granted to you hereunder other than as expressly set forth herein.

ii. We reserve sole right to accept or reject a request for registration as a buyer or a supplier on DistributionNetwork.in.

iii. We reserve sole right to remove the data of a buyer or a supplier or any other party involved in case it has been found to be fraudulent or created with mala fide intention.

All of the data on products and promotions including but not limited to, the prices and the availability of any product or service or any feature thereof, is subject to change without notice by the party providing the product or promotion. You should use discretion while using the Platforms.

Ravison Network Solutions LLP reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without any obligation, to make improvements to, or correct any error or omissions in, any portion of the Platforms. Where appropriate, we will endeavor to update information listed on the Website on a timely basis, but shall not be liable for any inaccuracies.

Ravison Network Solutions LLP also reserves the right to impose/change the access regulations of the Platform, whether in terms of access fee, timings, equipment, access restrictions or otherwise, which shall be posted from time to time under these terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of users to refer to these terms and conditions each time they use the Platforms.

 (B) Restrictions:

i. The User shall not permit any third party to access the Services except as permitted herein.

ii. The User shall not create derivate works based on the Services.

iii. The User shall not Copy, frame or mirror any part or content of the Services, other than copying or framing on your own intranets or otherwise for its own internal business purposes.

iv. The User shall not perform reverse engineering the Services.

v. The User shall not access the Services in order to :

a) Build a competitive product or service. b) Copy any features, functions or graphics of the Services.


Your correspondence or business dealing with or participation in the sales promotions of advertisers or service providers found on or through the Platforms, including payment and delivery of related goods or services, and any other terms, conditions, and warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and such advertisers or service providers. You assume all risks arising out of or resulting from your transaction of business over the Internet, and you agree that we are not responsible or liable for any loss or result of the presence of information about or links to such advertisers or service providers on the Platforms. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible or liable for the availability, accuracy, authenticity, copyright compliance, legality, decency or any other aspect of the content, advertising, products, services, or other materials on or available from such sites or resources. You acknowledge and agree that your use of these linked sites is subject to different terms of use than these Terms, and may be subject to different privacy practices than those set forth in the Privacy Policy governing the use of the Platforms. We do not assume any responsibility for review or enforcement of any local licensing requirements that may be applicable to businesses listed on the Platforms.



The User(s) agree to defend, indemnify, and hold the Service Provider harmless from any third party claim brought against the Service Provider, under this Agreement.



(A) The Service Provider shall reserve sole right to grant usage of our services selectively or otherwise to Users of DistributionNetwork.in.

(B) The Service Provider will  charge the User(s) for services offered on DistributionNetwork.in as services, the Service Provider will provide note to users reflecting clearly the charges intended to be charged for such services.



(A) Service Provider shall not be responsible for failure of commitment of suppliers or/and buyers to comply with their agreed terms of business.

(B) In no event Service Provider’s aggregate liability arising out of or related to this agreement, exceed the amount paid by User(s) in context of any services of DistributionNetwork.in 12 (twelve) months preceding the incident.

(C) The Service Provider shall not be responsible for any liability arising out of user license violation pertaining to any other application which may or may not have integrated with the DistributionNetwork.in software offered by RAVISON NETWORK SOLUTION & used by the User(s).



(A) The Service Provider or the User(s) may terminate this Agreement:

i. Upon 30 days written notice to the other party of a material breach if such breach remains uncured at the expiration of such period.

ii. If the other party becomes the subject of a petition in bankruptcy or any other proceeding relating to insolvency, receivership, liquidation or assignment for the benefit of creditors.

(B) Refund or Payment upon Termination: Upon any termination for cause by you/User, Service Provider/We shall refund you any prepaid fees covering the remainder of the term of all subscriptions after the effective date of termination. Upon any termination for cause by us, you shall pay any unpaid fees covering the remainder of the term of all Order Forms after the effective date of termination. In no event shall any termination relieve you of the obligation to pay any fees payable to us for the period prior to the effective date of termination.

(C) Termination in case of failure to pay the dues: We reserve the right to terminate your services in case if you fail to pay within month of the due date of the agreed amount as defined in order mutually signed and accepted. Interest @ the rate of 24% pa will be charged from the due date of the subscription fees till the date on which the payment is realized in case if there is any delay beyond a period of one month from the due date of the payment of the subscription. If any payment is delayed beyond a period of 3 (three) months from the due we reserve the right to stop our services of DistributionNetwork.in Software till the time all due payments are realized by us.

(D) Obligations of the Service Provider and the User(s) related to indemnity, confidentiality and protection of personal data shall survive any termination of this Agreement.



(A) Neither party shall be liable for any failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strike, war, the act or omission of government and or any telecommunications carrier, operator or administration, the User(s) and the Service Provider shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of its obligations after notifying the other of the nature and extent of such events.

In no event shall we or any Distribution Site have liability or be deemed to be in breach hereof for any failure or delay of performance resulting from any governmental action, fire, flood, insurrection, earthquake, power failure, network failure, riot, explosion, embargo, strikes (whether legal or illegal), terrorist act, labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind or work slowdown or any other condition not reasonably within our control. Your payment obligations shall continue during any event of force majeure.


9. Intellectual Property Rights.

DistributionNetwork.in has and will retain sole and exclusive right, title and interest in and to all DistributionNetwork.in. confidential Information, DistributionNetwork.in products, service, and all technology, platforms, methodologies, processes, techniques, ideas, concepts, designs, tools, trade secrets and know-how, and any modifications, improvements or derivative works of the foregoing, including any and all intellectual property rights therein, (collectively, “distribution network .in”). However, ’ ownership rights do not extend to Client Property embedded or incorporated in the foregoing items.


These Terms will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Indian laws, without giving effect to its conflict of law’s provisions or your actual state or country of residence, and you agree to submit to personal jurisdiction in Mumbai, India.



(A) Export Compliance: Each party shall comply with the export laws and regulations of India and other applicable jurisdictions in providing and using the Services. Without limiting the foregoing:

i. Each party represents that it is not named on any Indian government list of persons or entities prohibited from receiving exports.

ii. You shall not permit Users to access or use Services in violation of any Indian export embargo, prohibition or restriction.

(B) Relationship of the Parties: The parties are independent contractors. This Agreement does not create a partnership, franchise, joint venture, agency, and fiduciary or employment relationship between the parties.

 (C) No Third-Party Beneficiaries: There are no third-party beneficiaries to this Agreement.

 (D) Waiver and Cumulative Remedies:  No failure or delay by either party in exercising any right under this Agreement shall constitute a waiver of that right. Other than as expressly stated herein, the remedies provided herein are in addition to, and not exclusive of, any other remedies of a party at law or in equity.

(E) Severability: If any provision of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to law, the provision shall be modified by the court and interpreted so as best to accomplish the objectives of the original provision to the fullest extent permitted by law, and the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in effect.

(F) Attorney Fees: You shall pay on demand all of our reasonable attorney fees and other costs incurred by us to collect any fees or charges due under this Agreement following any breach of conditions mentioned in this agreement.

(G) Entire Agreement:  This Agreement, including all exhibits and agenda hereto and all Order Forms, if any,  constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, proposals or representations, written or oral, concerning its subject matter. No modification, amendment, or waiver of any provision of this Agreement shall be effective unless in writing and either signed or accepted electronically by the User(s) against whom the modification, amendment or waiver is to be asserted. However, to the extent of any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions in the body of this Agreement and any exhibit or addendum hereto or any Order Form, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail.

(H) Applicable Law: Save as provided above, the terms and Conditions herein shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at MUMBAI MAHARASHTRA, India and the laws of India.  Any action relating to this document or the must be brought in the appropriate court in India and you/User(s) irrevocably consent to the jurisdiction of the said court.



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12. Return & Refund Policy

Refund Eligibility Details

·         Response on your job should be less than our minimum guaranteed response mentioned on the plan while purchasing it.

·         Buyer should have the receipt or proof of purchase as well

·         Claim should be made within 45 days from the date of purchase of the plan

Refund Process

Refund shall process, when a valid authorization and presentment was previously processed and the Users subsequently either cancelled the transaction or returns the goods/services, or wishes to refund the amount in cases of services not rendered, or to rectify any transaction processing error, or services/goods is not delivered within prescribed period of your completion of the transaction, then you may inform us by sending an email to our customer services email address mentioned on the Contact Us page, containing the complete details of the said disputed transactions such as date, time, order/transaction numbers, account number etc..

The funds have to be credited back to the same source from where these were received, and not by cash or any other mode. In case of any users’ complaint regarding non- refund for failed transactions and/or non-credit for successful transactions shall be dealt by the Bank. Any complaint about credit not being given to Users should be dealt with conclusively and bilaterally by the remitting and beneficiary banks as per its Policy.

Note: Ravison Network Solution LLP is not responsible for any wrong purchase or recharge for an incorrect mobile number or DTH account number or fund transfers in an incorrect bank account or any unauthorised payment by users. You are sole responsible for the accuracy, authenticity of information pertaining to the goods/services or the payment credentials while using the Services.

We do not cater Placement Agencies and consultancies. Any payments made by Placement Agencies/ Consultancies will not be refunded under any situation.

If you have any questions about our Refund Policy, please contact us at +91 7777071452 or email at support@distributionnetwork.in.



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