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Establishment of sales territories facilitates matching selling efforts with sales opportunities.

Sales personnel are assigned the responsibility for serving particular groupings of customers and prospects and provide contact points with the markets.

If the sales territories are set up intelligently and if assignments of sales personnel to  them  are carefully made, it is possible to obtain proper market coverage.
Good territorial design combined with careful salesperson assignment results in low selling expenses and high sales volumes.

Further, Distributor play an important role in Supply Chain. In today's economic environment, customers are more likely to purchase smaller volumes of products on a frequent basis.  Distributors buys larger quantities from manufacturers/suppliers and supply the same to many customers in smaller quantities.  Another benefit of distributor is they provide credit to their customers. They also facilitate product mix.

Today most of the sales personnel aspire to be an entrepreneur.  Existing retailers and distributors of products looks for an opportunity to increase range of products either by being a distributor or being distributors of other reputed manufacturers respectively.  There is ample of opportunity, but they are unable to connect to right source.  Neither the manufacturer knows the prospective distributors in new territory.

DistributionNetwork.in is a common platform to connect manufacturers, distributors and sales personnel at very low cost and at the same time very effectively.   The sales personnel are looking for good job opportunities. The manufacturers are looking for good sales personnel and distributors.  Also, there are many individuals / firms looking for distributorship of reputed manufacturers. A manufacturer cannot increase overhead on manpower and promotions etc. unless the products are made available in the market through good distribution network.

DistributionNetwork.in aims at bridging the gap between the manufacturer and prospective distributors and also recruiting sales personnel.

Who can be the distributors: 
  • Existing distributors of products can add to their range of products by getting new distributorship from more manufacturers.
  • Retailers can become distributors.
  • Sales person aspiring to be an entrepreneur can become distributor.
  • A students aspiring to be an entrepreneur can become distributor.
This platform will also benefit lakhs of sales personnel on the field and also others, who through their personnel contacts with retailers/distributors can earn handsome amount through distributor's registration.

The manufacturers and their Sales Head will benefit as they will have huge database of prospective sales personnel and distributors for every region and cities / small towns and villages.  They can also guide their local sales representative in developing the distributors.

The aspiring distributors don't have to approach  the manufacturers, but will be contacted by the manufacturers themselves who are in need of distributors; thus saving on time and energy cutting down non-value added activities.

Mission:  To generate and organise the database of the Manufacturers, Distributors and Sales Personnel and connecting them for achieving effectiveness and efficiency in Sales Distribution Network.

Vision:  Changing the way we work for territory management.

Our Team

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  • Mr. Sandeep Rasal


    Mr. Sandeep Rasal, founder member of DistributionNetwork.in holds Masters in Business Administration. He has served as a catalyst for more than 2 decades in reupted FMCG companies in the field of Supply Chain Management and also Sales & Distribution Management. He has been an entrepreneur for almost a decade. He strongly believes in "Change for better" and DistributionNetwork.in is extension of this thought.

  • Mr. Ravi Bidwadkar


    Mr. Ravi Bidwadkar is the co-founder member of DistributionNetwork.in. He has gained skills and expertise as an Entrepreneur since last 2 decades. Having known for working closely with customers to identity key requirements, his ultimate goal is customer focus and customer satisfaction.

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